Rachel Whiteread

Tate Britain 

Choreographer Sophie Adams was invited to create a bespoke works for the opening night of artist Rachel Whitereads work 'One hundred spaces'. 

We took inspiration from Rachels incredible piece exploring negative space. Our Neo-classical ballet dancers moved around and through the space mirroring the stunning watercolour sculptures highlighting the expansive room. 

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Hampton Court Palace

​"Art is often an object that is trapped in the moment it was produced.  At this singular event, we unfettered the art making process from its spatial cage and used time as a principal ingredient. By means of hypnosis, we were able to break through the membrane of the present and cast a spell on the evening to create a series of over-lapping temporal experiences, including food from over 5 centuries, ‘apparitions’ moving slowly through the gardens and a merging of the self within Palace artworks. Art, in essence, was turned inside out: experienced from within, through the release of unconscious schemas and the tastes on the tip of the visitors’ tongue."


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