Gatsby Ballerinas 

LED Gatsby

"A little party never killed nobody!"

Our Gatsby Ballerinas are the only 1920's themed ballet act in the events industry! We took inspiration for the amazing film 'The Great Gatsby' and made a modern twist with our ballet choreography and true showgirl fans. 

For extra sparkle why not make the girls LED? We can light up pink, purple or a Winter favourite our shining white. 

We use a surprise mix of songs from the soundtrack of the great movie itself. Invite our ballerinas to perform at your Gatsby event and make a splash!

Vintage Gatsby

"I love big parties, they're so intimate, small parties there isn't any privacy!"

For a more traditional take on the Gatsby style, our ballerinas can perform in their classical white and pink 1920's ballet inspired costumes and headdresses

For an added delight why not collaborate our act with the amazing Twin Swing Charleston duo, the incredible vintage singer Megan McConnell or the Gatsby aerial act from Dream Performance



Founded in 2010 Sophie Adams Ballet Company is the leading provider of ballerinas for events, photoshoots, film, fashion and music campaigns for London and New 

York's creative industry. 





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