Sparkling Diamond Performance

Diamonds are a girls best friend

A truly fantastic act featuring LED ballerinas, LED violinists, aerial silk artists and the show stopping flying aerial violinist. These performers will light up your event with a high impact and striking show. The Sparking Diamond show can be performed as the below acts:

9ct Show features:
2 -3 x LED ballerinas, our freestanding La Luna aerial artist and 2 x LED violinists.

18ct show features:
4 LED ballerinas, aerial violin artist or aerial silk artist and 2 LED violinists

24ct show features:
4 -6 LED ballerinas, aerial violinist, 2 x aerial silk artists and 2-3 LED violinists

Our artists

Flying Violin and LED violinists
We really have turned classical music on it’s head. The amazingly talented flying violinist will amaze your guests, whilst spinning and rotating above you. Accompanied by the floor LED violinists this act is the epitome of beauty, grace and a sparkling wow factor for spectacular events.

Silk Artists
With the grace of an angel and the dynamics of a demon. Aerial silks can at once be the most elegant of acts and also the most powerful. Whether you prefer beautiful, elegant and balletic, or fast moving dynamic and dangerous, this is aerial performance at its best.

The LED Ballerinas are the pioneers in ‘Ballerinas for events’ and are classically trained ballerinas with specialist technique in classical ballet and pointe work. They create fully costumed small and large scale ballet performances for events, parties, gala’s, weddings, PR launches and festivals. All choreographed pieces are carefully designed and beautifully costumed with professional tutu’s and tiaras, to add a touch of glamour and magic to every performance.

La Luna
In combining the grace and fluidity of classical Ballet, with the power and strength of aerial hoop, a dynamic new performance has been developed, designed and choreographed by the artist herself.
In a selection of beautifully choreographed works, La Luna has fast become one of the UK’s most popular aerial acts. Choreographed shows are offered as well as ambient freestyle performances.



Founded in 2010 Sophie Adams Ballet Company is the leading provider of ballerinas for events, photoshoots, film, fashion and music campaigns for London and New 

York's creative industry. 





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