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Ballet Dancers 
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Ballet Dancers 
Browse our agency books
Movement Directors 


N0.1 Ballet Model 



We have been representing the best selection of professional ballet dancers and ballet trained models since 2012 and are acknowledged as the leading agency in this field.


We supply the leading ballet choreographers and movement directors to London's creative scene.  

Ballet Movement Directors

Choreographer Sophie Adams 

With 10 years experience dancing, choreographing and movement directing in London's creative industry, Sophie is at the forefront of the 'freelance ballerina' movement. 

Working closely with stylists, event producers, music artists, ballet dancers and photographers Sophie is the go to choreographer for ballet shoots, films and live productions. 

Ballet Dancer Models

Professionally trained ballet dancers and models 

We are the No.1 Ballet agency in Europe, specifically specialising in providing professional ballet dancers to the fashion, music, film and events industry. Unlike other model and talent agencies , we are the only global agency exclusively  dedicated to representing ballet dancers and ballet trained models. 

Founded by Sophie Adams, freelance ballerina and choreographer our agency is unparalleled with its network in the ballet industry. We can say without a doubt that we have the hottest new ballet talent globally on our books. With a delicate blend of technique and a fresh look our ballet dancers are the most booked freelance ballerinas in the industry. 

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