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Rose Ballerinas

Summer Rose Ballerinas for beautiful soirees

Our pretty as a picture Rose ballerinas are a lovely addition to spring balls, midsummer parties and summer weddings.

With pink hand made sparkling tutus, rose crown headdresses and exquisite pink diamond tiaras our ballerinas will dance among the flowers and decorate your event with grace and style.

It was a little budding rose,
Round like a fairy globe,
And shyly did its leaves unclose
Hid in their mossy robe,
But sweet was the slight and spicy smell
It breathed from its heart invisible. 

- Emily Bronte

Rose Ballerinas

Choose from a stunning stage show, which is popular in a dinner setting or an ambient performance where our ballerinas dance throughout your event during the drinks reception. 

Dancing to the track "The last Rose of Summer' by Andrei Rieu or a song of your choice we perform with fresh wild roses to entertain and enthral your guests.  

A rose and her thorn

'Have you ever loved a rose and bled against her thorns and swear each night to let her go but love her more by dawn' - Lang Leav

A tale of love between the rose and thorn, our summer production The Flower Ballet.

In an English country garden lives a classical ballet company of Flowers. 

A stunning display of classical ballet choreography, exquisite flower tutus, sparkling tiaras and beautiful ballerinas makes this a truly magical production. 

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