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Our mission

Creating bespoke ballet choreographies and providing beautiful ballerinas to Londons creative and events industries 

Since graduating ballet school Sophie has campaigned tirelessly to create the 'freelance ballerina' movement. 

With a love of music, fashion and choreograhy Sophie started her career collaborating with electro and rock and roll music artists to bring ballerinas into their music videos and live shows. With ballerinas at this time confined to theatres, bringing ballerinas onto new creative platforms was exciting and new.

From this the fashion world opened its doors and invited Sophie and her ballerinas to choreograph and perform at their fashion parties and theatrical campaigns. Flying to Milan with Dolce and Gabbana and bringing Jo Malones campaigns to life with bespoke performances. 

Sophie then saw a gap in the market within the events industry, specifically entertainment for corporate events, charity galas and weddings. Sophie created the first 'ballerinas for events' company globally creating ballet acts specifically suited to the top event venues.  

Sophie adapted timeless classics such as Swan Lake and The Nutcracker whilst creating new works such as "LED Ballerinas'. 

With 10 years of being at the forefront of the freelance ballerinas of London and a wealth of experience performing and choreographing throughtout the industry.


 Sophie is delighted to have created her first full length original ballet production 'The Flower Ballet'. Launched this summer, The Flower Ballet is a collection of Sophie's fairytale creations inspired by a story of Love and the magic of following your dreams. 

Commercial Showreel

Commercial Showreel

Sophie Adams Ballet Company - Ballerinas for events Showreel 2019
Sophie Adams Ballet Company

Sophie Adams Ballet Company - Ballerinas for events Showreel 2019

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