Ballerinas for events 

This London based Ballet company are classically trained ballerinas with specialist technique in classical ballet and pointe work.  We create fully costumed small and large scale ballet performances for events, parties, gala's, weddings, PR launches and campaigns.

With a love of the classics but also a passion for creating new works, we can perform either excerpts from timeless classical ballet productions, such as 'Swan Lake'  and 'The Nutcracker' or New works such as 'LED Ballerinas' and 'The Flower Ballet'.  We create bespoke performances which are specially created for your event, all choreographed by Sophie Adams. All choreographed pieces are carefully designed and beautifully costumed, to add a touch of glamour and magic to every performance.


Standard Length of Performance: Performances last between 5 - 30 minutes, depending on the act and event. 

Flower Ballerinas 

Moon and Stars 

LED Swan Lake 

LED Ballerinas

Rose Ballerinas