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The Roses

In an English Country garden lives a ballet company of flowers. As an artist sits at his easel and paints his garden, the flowers dance in the breeze. 


Bathing under the summer sun, with freshly cut grass scented in the air, he watches his daughter Fleur dance amongst the flowers.

The Flowers

It’s the first day back for the ballet dancers of The Flower Ballet Company after their Spring holiday.


The female flower ballerinas Rose, Bluebell, Primrose, Wisteria and Cherry Blossom are stretching their limbs and warming up their feet in the shade under the trees.


 As the sun closes on a vibrant and successful first day for the flower ballet company the dancers fall asleep under the stars.

The Butterflies

 A buzz of excitement fills the air as the dancers prepare to audition for the lead role in the new summer production The Butterfly Waltz. 

 The butterfly choreography flitters in their minds, dreams of which parts they’ll be given settle in their minds.

Rose and Thorn

The Rose practises her turns under the moonlight as a tale of love between a Rose and her Thorn unfold. They fall in love under the cherry blossoms.

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Moon and Stars

The air is filled with magic, the rose looks up and see the stars twinkling, tiny movements that dance across the sky. The stars quicken their pace and the moon waltzes across to meet them. Rose and thorn join the moon and stars and waltz under the twilight.

The Fireflies

Night has fallen on the garden, the moon and stars look down on the Rose and Thorn. Lights sparks fly across the air as the fireflies come out to dance and play. Lighting up the trees, the LED firefly tutus sparkle under the moonlight. 

A Spring and Summer Production

The Flower Ballet

Choreographed by Sophie Adams 

The Flower Ballet Press

We are delighted to introduce our Spring/ Summer classical ballet production The Flower Ballet.


With an original fairytale narrative, hand made couture tutus and tiaras and an iconic score from Vivaldi's 'Spring and Summer ' Four Seasons this is a truly magical ballet.

Our stunning production has been featured in The Times, The Telegraph and Country Life. As we continue to expand the ballet we are very excited to bring this production to theatres nationwide. 

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